Oz-2008Oz - 2008-BW-Bella.....Our smallest BabyOZ, our largest "Baby"© Garrie RussellBig Dog + Little Pillow = STUPID© Garrie Russell"Please mummy...I won't bite daddy again...Don't make me go back in the cage"© Garrie Russell"Why did you bring that other white dog into my house mummy?© Garrie RussellMy wonderful OZ© Garrie Russell 2008© Garrie RussellOz on patrolThis is our newest "Child" He is 5 1/2 months old and called "Ben""Ben" doing his Rabbit impressionSlowing down a bit hereThis is "Bella" our old ladyKilled yet another soft toyThis is our intruder alarm "OZ"© Garrie RussellCollingwood-12