While Craig loves the Maxim one he got.....© Garrie RussellBrad, Sarah Kirk-Douglas, & Craig© Garrie RussellAndrea, Zoe, June, after the visit to the workshop© Garrie RussellEmily & Luke© Garrie Russell© Garrie RussellMarion Miller© Garrie RussellBev Buldoc© Garrie RussellEmily & Alyssa....Never heard of trousers Emily?????© Garrie RussellAlyssa giving her speech© Garrie RussellZoe......It's not straight© Garrie RussellLisa Barr, complaining  about what the Canadian winters do to their men folk.© Garrie RussellCraig wondering "What have i done" ?© Garrie RussellBrad, Craig, & Emily....My step children© Garrie RussellKen Miller© Garrie Russell© Garrie RussellIf i just keep my eyes closed, they will all go away. eventually ....© Garrie RussellSarah & Craig opening their wedding gifts......Sarah does not seem too impressed with the years subscription to the watchtower magazine i gave her© Garrie Russell© Garrie Russell© Garrie Russell© Garrie Russell